Note is proud to present a collection of information for those of us who are fond of the beauty of the many lighthouses guarding our coasts.

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Brant Point Light

Nantucket, MA

Brant Point Light

According to all available records, the lighthouse at Brant Point, located on the south side of Nantucket Harbor, Mass., has been rebuilt seven times in addition to three beacons, since it was originally established in 1746. At a town meeting at Nantucket on January 24, 1746, the sea captains of the island spoke out for a lighthouse and 200 English pounds were voted for the purpose "in supposition that the owners of or others concerned in, shipping will maintain a light therein." However, the expenses of maintaining the light were actually defrayed by the town. This earliest lighthouse was destroyed by fire in 1758.

In 1900 a fixed red lens-lantern beacon light was installed at the extremity of Brant Point, 600 feet from the tower, it having been found necessary to move the light outward, owing to changes in the channel leading into the harbor of Nantucket. This was the ninth light to be located on the Brant Point site.

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Location: Located at the end of a spit, marking the southern entrance to Nantucket Harbor.
Latitude: 41.28971
Longitude: -70.09028 >


Minot's Ledge Light

Cohasset, MA

Minot's Ledge Light

With its grey stone tower rising almost magically out of the water and its distinctive 1-4-3 flash cycle that has caused romantics to dub it the I-Love-You light, Minot's Ledge is often called one of the most romantic lighthouses in the country. Situated two and a half miles from the shore, the lighthouse is visible for miles but accessible only by boat. Since its beginning over a hundred and fifty years ago, Minot's Ledge Lighthouse has inspired awe in a broad spectrum of visitors ranging from the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to Helen Keller.

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Location: Located roughly two miles north of the town of Minot, which is near Cohasset Harbor.
Latitude: 42.27
Longitude: -70.7583


Boston Light

Boston, MA

Boston Light

R ising 89 feet above the rocky south side of Little Brewster Island, the white tapering tower of Boston Light deserves its description as the ideal American Lighthouse. Flanked by a white clapboard keeper's dwelling, a picturesque oil house and a fog signal building, Boston Light stands sentinel over one of the oldest and most important harbors on the Eastern Seaboard. Its appearance, however, is only part of its charm, for its story reads like a Who's Who of American History. As early at 1675, settlers lit bonfires on a hill overlooking Boston Harbor as an aid to navigation, but it wasn't until 1715 that the Colony of Massachusetts Bay spent almost 2400 British pounds to construct a light tower, the first in the New World. When on September 14, 1716, the beacon from Little Brewster Island pierced the night sky overlooking Boston Harbor for the first time, there were only 70 lighthouses in existence in the whole world.

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Location: Located on Little Brewster Island marking the entrance to Boston Harbor.
Latitude: 42.3281
Longitude: -70.89